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The Top 4 Mobile Security Apps To Protect Your Smartphone

It’s been a full decade since the late Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, and consequently, the modern smartphone to the mainstream. Since then, smartphone users have been battling mobile phone security risks with malware, spyware, Trojans, native mobile apps security issues and countless other threats. And unfortunately, these problems aren’t exactly going away. As a matter of fact, they’re only getting worse. So if you’re wondering how to secure your iPhone or looking for a mobile security app for your Android device, we’ve got the 4 top mobile security apps to protect your smartphone.

According to a recent report from Check Point (the Chinese company behind the Hummingbird), more than 10 million smartphone devices are under surveillance (and a good number is under control) of malicious applications. Hackers mostly use these apps to closely monitor users’ activities and have easy access to a tonne of sensitive data.

So beyond tweaking the default security settings of your device, what can you do to protect your smartphone from all of those hackers out there? Well, for starters, you should start using a couple of apps that will boost your mobile phone’s security.

Our recommendations for the top 4 mobile security apps to protect your smartphone are:

  • 360 Mobile Security
  • PureVPN
  • Safetrek
  • CM Security Applock

1. 360 Mobile Security

If you’re able to recognize any signs of a malware infection – such as poor phone performance, reduced battery life & strange data usage – then you should definitely install 360 Mobile. The app is extremely user-friendly, so you don’t have to have any previous experience with software like this, and it will clean your device completely. Most importantly it does this without damaging or deleting your sensitive data.

The only downside of 360 is that the designers tried to create a so-called “all-in-one-application”. This means that the app poses some subpar and mostly unnecessary features that only slow the cleaning process down. However, as we mentioned, the security features are great, and that’s the biggest reason you should use a security solution like 360 Mobile Security.

360 Mobile Security for iOS

360 Mobile Security for Android

2. PureVPN

These days, people like to stay connected 24/7. Every time you visit a department store or a local coffee shop, you probably use a public Wi-Fi network to check your social media profiles, emails and a bunch of other things. But these networks, while free, represent a huge security risk. And that’s why you need a reliable VPN provider like PureVPN to keep your personal information secure.

How is something like Pure keeping you safe? In short, VPNs encrypt all of your incoming and outgoing Internet data. This, in turn, prevents cybercriminals from eavesdropping on your web conversations and snooping around your device. PureVPN also allows you to surf the Internet anonymously and lets you bypass any geo-blocks on streaming websites.

PureVPN on iOS

PureVPN on Android

PureVPN on Windows

PureVPN on Mac

3. SafeTrek

Smartphones are great in emergency situations. You can always rely on your phone if you want to contact a friend, in case something goes wrong. This app takes that idea to the next level. SafeTrek transforms your device into a personal security device. The app works simply – if you’re feeling unsafe, all you need to do is hold the big button on the screen.

When you let go of the SafeTrek button, the app prompts you to enter a specific code. If you fail to do it within 30 seconds, the application will automatically send an alert call, along with your coordinates, to the nearest police station. The app will only cost you $3 per month but don’t worry because you have a 30-day free trial period if you want to test it out.

SafeTrek for iOS

SafeTrek for Android

4. CM Security AppLock

Just take a look around the Google Play Store or the App Store for a few minutes, and you’ll surely find a good number of applockers. But how many of them have around a million user reviews and boast a 4.7-star rating? The answer is – not a lot of them. Luckily, CM Security is one of those applock security applications. What’s more, this particular app locker is completely free.

The app enables users to lock down a number of features, such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, specific apps and even Android settings. Once you lock any of these features, they are completely inaccessible without a proper PIN code. If anyone fails to enter the right PIN, the smartphone will automatically take a photo of the intruder, and send an alert notification via email.

CM Security Applock for Android


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